An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher And Speaker With The John Maxwell Team

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hannah babchak

Intrinsic Schools-Americorps Teacher

Israel spoke to a group of my 8th-12th grade students about what it takes to pursue achieve their dreams, and he was outstanding. He came into the presentation well-prepared and well-researched, and was able to connect our school’s culture and values to his message, reinforcing the importance of upholding those values both in school and beyond.

Israel knew exactly how to keep the students interested in what he was saying, and they responded by engaging him in a discussion about how to turn his motivational message into practical skills for their futures. By sharing his personal experiences, he was able to relate to the students in a way that made them think “This guy faced some challenges, but he worked hard to get where he is today; if he can do it, I can too.” Israel is smart, honest, and inspiring, and I hope to bring him back to speak to more of my students in the future!
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jenny wolfe

Yearup- Development Manager

We originally invited Israel to speak to our young adults as part of our Executive Guest Speaker Series at Year Up Chicago, a workforce development program for young adults 18-24. We thought he’d be a great fit because of his leadership, speaking skills, and professional experience.

We knew his presentation style and messaging would be an ideal fit for our program and he exceeded our expectations by really relating to his audience. He was able to tailor his content to our students and spoke from the heart through real-world experiences, which allowed him to truly connect with the young adults in our program. Our staff and students repeatedly share with me how much they enjoyed his speech and the immediate impact it has had on them. Since his first speaking engagement, we’ve invite Israel back to speak to every class of young adults that comes to Year Up Chicago. If I had to describe Israel’s presentation in a few words, He is absolutely inspiring, engaging, and relatable.
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