Success is a powerful thing; it is what many professionals work towards, and is almost always what people believe will alleviate their stresses and concerns separating them from “the haves and the have nots." One fact that cannot be disputed about success is that it is immediately recognizable in others— if someone has achieved success in your eyes, you will know it in an instant. However, success and gratification are not something that’s achieved by a single criterion… and it’s a process that is certainly never instant. That one belief is perhaps the most dangerous thought regarding success and those most detrimental to those pursuing it.

In the world of modernity that we live in, there is a constant pressure to display how successful you are. It’s an understandable misinterpretation of the market— Because of this pressure so many people are labeling themselves as experts in their fields, and guru’s of their craft. Moreover, the push for an inflated respect of youth propagates the concept that the younger someone is, the more in tune with society, technology, and professionalism they are. In the race towards success, society has conditioned itself to expect immediate gratification no matter how minuscule or robust the task or journey is. Champions aren’t dubbed champions after one practice or one game, yet every day young men and women advertise themselves as gurus after having a quick win, and amateurs are quickly promoted as experts.

I call this “microwave thinking.” The truth is that leaders and champions develop daily and not in a day. Their skills are honed through sweat and repeated daily progress over a long period of time. Effort can’t be sidelined and true experience has no shortcut. Dreams and commitment are special and important to us all, and should be respected as such. That respect and understanding must come from within. This means, the bystanders and amateurs that catcall your efforts can’t sway you. Way too often there are many of us that don’t want to commit to the long journey of success, but yet we want the immediate rewards associated with it. Put your dream in, press a button, and voila Success! Take the time to identify your passion, develop and cultivate your craft. Be very clear with your intentions and understand your journey will not be smooth. Make sure that you are committed to the process learning every step of the way and I can guarantee you success will follow.

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