There are many things that champions do on their way to becoming victorious and claiming the coveted title of “Champion.” Below are three actions that you can incorporate into your daily routine to help you transition to greatness.


1. Champions apply a belief system to their lives that accelerates their path to becoming great. Champions are driven; however, there is more to their DNA than just being driven. The belief that they can is what allows them to endure the race and know with certainty they will succeed. An individual’s drive can only accelerate up to his or her belief system. If a person believes they will only make it to the second round, their drive will act accordingly, only taking them up to that round and no further. One group will blame their limiting beliefs on situation or circumstances while the other group will become more focused, disciplined, and adjust their belief system.


2. Champions have a heightened self-awareness. They are able to discern between their perception of reality and truth, or better yet, they are able to identify their “blind spots” and adjust accordingly. A blind spot is an area where one sees his or herself from a distorted point of view, which ultimately alters their self-perception. Doing so will assist you with self motivation as well as bring influence to others (which, after all, is the definition of leadership). Identifying these blind spots will allow you to pinpoint what potentially drives certain behaviors and which buttons to push when its time to motivate and accelerate “the drive” mentioned in point one. You will also be able to make a connection with those you are leading. This connection will result in increased productivity and a higher level of connection.


3. Champions understand the need for adversity. Many will look at adversity as a hurdle and quickly deviate from that route, taking the path of least resistance. Champions, however, address the challenge and the adversity head on understanding that the lessons learned from the experience are far greater than the gain from an easier route. This contributes to an elevation of their mental level and adds a layer of toughness that is immeasurable. Think about Michael Jordan in the infamous “Flu Game.” Jordan played the entire game with flu-like symptoms scoring 38 points, seven rebounds, five assists, three steals, and a block, which allowed the Chicago Bulls the momentum to win the series. When asked, “How did you do it?” his answer was simple. “No matter how sick I was or how tired I was, I felt an obligation to my team to go out and give that extra effort.” Those, like Jordan, view adversity as the ultimate training ground to greatness. They also understand that with great risk will come setbacks. A champion considers these setbacks as learning opportunities and chooses to “fail forward” or fail their way to success, while most will do everything possible to achieve their goal and avoid failure at all cost.

Those who transition to greatness, understand that failure is part of the process. As a result, champions embrace the growth from that process. Start today and tell yourself, “I CANNOT FAIL; I’m learning and I’m growing.”

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