1. Minimize the amount of time that you spend on social media. (WHAT?! THAT’S HOW I GET ALL OF MY NEWS!) With the negative aspects of social media- the stories, the feedback, the rants of others that shouldn’t even matter- it is easy to get caught up in the negativity, and then you end up with a transference of energy. Now all of a sudden, you have lost the number one commodity that we can never get back: time. As a result, your energy has now made an emotional shift to a negative place. As a result you have just opened yourself up to The Law of Attraction in the worst way possible.


2. Understand the value of patience, and practice periods of intentional patience. When we are anxious and impatient, it causes anxiety within and throws off our chi. When we are faced with situations without patience, the circumstances suddenly shift due to the energy of angst that is being drawn in. What most would consider to be a minor obstacle becomes a full-on emergency accompanied by hostility, frustration, and angst, as well as a whole host of other negative emotions. Practicing short periods of patience will open oneself up to a calmness and allow you to recognize the situation from a different perspective. Here are a few things that you can do to practice patience: have short periods of meditation where you sit in complete silence each day for 15-20 minutes; take walks around the block, intentionally walking slowly and actually stopping at lights, even when they are green or if there is no traffic coming. Be intentional about recognizing the characteristics of impatience; annoyance, upset, and anxiety are traits that are all associated with it. Keep in mind that there is a Law of Transference associated with this as well. Be intentional with seeking out opportunities to practice patience.


3. BE IN THE MOMENT. Far too often we are worried about what will happen tomorrow. We place an unnecessary burden on our shoulders and add those nasty little things known as worry lines to our forehead. When speaking to others, be present, force and train your mind to be fully engaged with whomever you are speaking to. If and when you are in the moment, you will recognize that you are calmer, have a greater level of clarity, and are overall more positive. Don’t allow past experiences to dictate your worry over future events that have yet to (and might never!) happen. When we are not in the moment, we close ourselves off to opportunities that are being presented to us. The worry of tomorrow closes off our ability to attract the blessings of today. Learn to push the fear of the unknown from your mind, enjoy the moment and work on being cognizant of this behavior. Ask others around you to help you with this; when they see you worrying, they can bring to your attention so you can come back to the moment. Before you know it, this practice will kick in automatically and you will find yourself able to enjoy life and your loved ones so much more.

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